Astonadam Small Carriages For Ponies & Shetlands

This Hartland Wagonette is a specification specifically for Shetlands and small ponies These beautiful vehicles are perfect for showing and pleasure driving and start from around 175kgs – depending on size they can be built for single, pair or team use The carriage features: Seats 4-6 people – Double front seat and rear bench seats that can seat upto 4 people. …


MINIMUS (falabella size carriage)

Astonadam Small Carriages For Ponies & Shetlands

The Hartland Minimus is a very smart top quality carriage for Fallabella and really tiny miniature ponies, or even large dogs!! These carriages can fit a single adult on the front, but are more suited to children. This vehicle is from around 70kgs and is ideal for single or pairs The carriage features: Two tier backstep Spares compartment under seat Leaf spring suspension Rear …



Astonadam Small Carriages For Ponies & Shetlands

The Hartland Shetland Sport has been one of our most successful carriages, available in various sizes to suit 34 inches up to 12.2hh ponies We can also supply the Minimus ( a smaller version of the Shetland sport ) for falabellas and really tiny miniatures. Depending on specification these vehicles are from around 120kgs and go up in weight depending on axle …



Astonadam Multiple Competition Carriages, Small Carriages For Ponies & Shetlands

The Minisport comes in two styles Single only and Single and Pairs. Our single only option features independent loop front shafts – for more information on this model look under our single competition carriages section. The single and pairs option has a set of adjustable cut back loop front shafts which are not independent. It also includes a sprung adjustable pole with …


iSPORT (now available 3 phase)

Hartland Carriages Single Competition Carriages, Small Carriages For Ponies & Shetlands

The all new Hartland iSport is specifically designed for small ponies and shetlands and is ideally suited for indoor competitions and general driving. This new model has 125cm axles, fully independent suspension and weighs from  just 110kg (115 – 120kg 3 phase model) – so is the perfect for the upcoming indoor competition season. These new carriages can carry two …



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The Piccolo carriage is designed to take up to 2 adults – with one sitting at the front and the other standing on the back step, and there is even room for your dog (if yours likes going driving with your)  but with a MAXIMUM OVERALL WEIGHT LIMIT OF 190kgs. This carriage is on pneumatic wheels and is available in …



Hartland Carriages Small Carriages For Ponies & Shetlands

This carriage is ideally suited to shetlands and smaller ponies up to 10 hands. Weighing around 105 kgs it is a nice lightweight vehicle.  A double front and a backstep.  This carriage is very stylish. Leaf springs suspension, rear disc brakes and a parking brake. Pneumatic tyres give a very comfy ride. It comes with a set of adjustable shafts …