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At Hartland Carriages we manufacture and are major suppliers of a wide range of horse carriages, harness and carriage driving accessories. We are enthusiastic and dedicated carriage drivers ourselves, from singles through to team. We pride ourselves on producing and supplying the finest carriage products. If it’s a Hartland carriage, it’s a quality product.

Please browse this site for our current range in carriage products. We buy and sell used carriages and update new items on this site on a regular basis, so keep coming back!


New Model Available From Hartland Carriages

The new Lightweight Spyder for single horse or pony. These carriages are super light weighing from 184kg depending on specification. Rear axles are 138 and front axles can be the same or narrower to allow more time and space for negotiating technical cone courses. This carriage comes with rear brakes, independent shafts, parking brake and adjustable drivers seat. Optional parts are extending axles, turntable brake and choice of our standard loop front shafts, peg fronted shafts or extendable ring fronted shafts.
PRICED From: £3950 + VAT

New 3 Phase iSport Carriage

Brand new Isport carriage model with extending axles making it 3 phase. This carriage is suitable for single Shetlands or small ponys – section A type. This new vehicle is one of the lightest in our carriage range weighing in at approximately 125kg. The iSport range of carriages feature, wide backed independent shafts allowing for greater movement of the pony and getting sharper turns. Each wheel on this vehicle is independently sprung providing a superb ride whilst staying incredibly stable. As standard this carriage model comes with rear disc brakes and a parking brake. The drivers seat can be adjusted and can be moved between 3 set positions.
Price From £2695 + VAT