iSPORT (now available 3 phase)

Hartland Carriages Single Competition Carriages, Small Carriages For Ponies & Shetlands

The all new Hartland iSport is specifically designed for small ponies and shetlands and is ideally suited for indoor competitions and general driving. This new model has 125cm axles, fully independent suspension and weighs from  just 110kg (115 – 120kg 3 phase model) – so is the perfect for the upcoming indoor competition season. These new carriages can carry two …

minisport single only


Astonadam Single Competition Carriages

The Hartland  Minisport is an extremely stylish and beautifully engineered small pony competition carriage.  The proportions are ideal for small ponies and Shetlands.  The carriages are quick to turn and have proved extremely competitive in both indoor and outdoor competition. This carriage features: Independent cut back loop front fully adjustable shafts with obstacle fenders. Full width shaft backs enable lots …



Hartland Carriages Single Competition Carriages

The Hartland Micrasport is a lightweight 3 phase single competition carriage suitable for indoor and outdoor national competitions. Our Micrasport carriages come in two sizes: standard Micrasport with 60cm wheels to suit 11.2hh to 13hh and the large Micrasport has 70cm wheels to suit 13hh to 14.2hh. This spec is for ponies only and ideal when keeping weight down is important with …



Hartland Carriages Single Competition Carriages

The all NEW Micrasport Pro is an evolution of the original Micrasport and the Minisport. It features the best bits of both types of carriages and is specifically well suited to carving through obstacles at speed. This carriage is available on different wheel sizes 60cm to suit single up to 12.3 or 70cm to suit 13 – 14hh. This new …



Hartland Carriages Single Competition Carriages

The Hartland Criss Cross is a 4 wheeled pleasure carriage from around 150kgs (160kg for event version), they are available in many different colours. This carriage is available in 2 different wheel sizes 60cm & 70cm suitable for ponies – cobs and is also available as a Crisscross event which has heavier duty springs, extending axles and a sports turntable. These carriages …



Astonadam Pleasure Driving Carriages, Single Competition Carriages

The Hartland Trisport is a 3 phase single cob/horse carriage. This vehicle is a full competition carriage, but is ideal for the driver who wants to compete, but also have the facility to have a lovely pleasure carriage. Many of the items on this carriage interchange, It comes with all the brackets and fixing points so the carriage has the …



Astonadam Single Competition Carriages

The Hartland Topsport III is a single competition carriage starting from around 170kgs. This carriage is suitable for anything 14hh and upwards, it can be made to full 3 phase standards and has a comprehensive list of optional extras. The Topsport is one of our best selling single horse competition carriages and has been a proven model doing well in …



Astonadam Multiple Competition Carriages, Single Competition Carriages

The Hartland Versatile is a 3 phase competition carriage starting from 220kgs. Great for pleasure driving, rallies, club events and indoors. As the carriages name suggests it is suitable for pretty much any kind of driving – from trips around the local pubs with friends to the show ring and even thundering through obstacles, this carriage at home on all …



Astonadam Single Competition Carriages

The dynamic Falcon range is for the serious horse competition driver. It is available in a range of sizes and weights starting at around 185 kgs. This carriage reigns supreme over all other carriages when crossing rough terrain due to its options of adjustable air assisted suspension and fully independent rear suspension. Around obstacles this carriage has un-rivaled stability and …