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Ideal Leathertech Combination Harness

£775.00£4,810.00 Plus VAT

Ideal Leathertech harness is a highly versatile harness which has the added advantage of being pre-oiled and therefore supple and user friendly immediately. This harness can be used as part of a pair/tandem/team harness if additional necessary items are used. If you wish to acquire these please contact us directly.

Available in sizes: Shetland, Pony, Cob, Full and Shire.

Combinations: Single, Pair & Team

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Product Description

The Ideal Leathertech is a combination harness offering driver maximum combination versatility and user comfort. It can be easily used to drive single, pairs and teams. Breast collars can be easily interchanged for left and right horses without having to change the harness.   This strong, supple pre-oiled leather harness is standard with stainless steel fittings.

The single harness comes complete with a bridle, breastcollar, martingale traces, breeching, reins, pad fitted with quick release safety tugs and a fixed backband (for us with a 4 wheeler) and a crupper and dock.

The pairs harness comes standard with bridles, breastcollar with quick release traces, martingales, saddle pads with crupper and docks, breeching and a set of rubber grip handpart leather reins (brown).

The team harness comes fitted with bridles, roger rings, breastcollars with quick release traces, martingales, saddle pads including team wheeler terrets, cruppers & docks, breeching for wheelers, trace carriers for leaders and a full set of team leather reins (brown) with rubber grip handparts.

Harness is available in a range of colours Black or Black & London Tan are a standard priced as below, Brown or Chestnut are available at extra cost

PRICES:                    SINGLE                     PAIR                        TEAM

Shetland                    £775 + VAT              £1430 + VAT          £2860 + VAT

Pony                           £815 + VAT              £1495  + VAT          £2990 + VAT

Cob                             £860  + VAT              £1660 + VAT          £3320 + VAT

Full                             £930 + VAT              £1795+ VAT          £3585 + VAT

Shire                           £990 + VAT             £1845+ VAT          £3695 + VAT

This harness is available in a number of combinations and size Shetland, Pony, Cob, Full and Shire.

Delivery is based on the items being in Stock with Ideal Equestrian – if in stock these usually take 10-14 days to be delivered.

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Additional Information

Dimensions 161 cm
Harness size

Cob, Full, Pony, Shetland, Shire

Harness colour

Black, Black/London Tan, Brown, Chestnut


Pair, Single, Team


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