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Friesian Harness

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Ideal Friesian Harness combines the traditional pattern while having the practicality for the modern day carriage.

Harness comes complete with deocrative bridle, breastcollar, pad – suitable for use with two or four wheeled carriages. Includes breeching, reins and nylon stitched between leather traces.

Available in ONE SIZE

Combinations: Single and Pair

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Product Description

Ideal Friesian Harness combines the traditional pattern associated with Friesian harness with the practicality of driving today’s modern carriages. Finished in black hide with white metal fittings. The bridle has an elegant winkers with special embellishments, heavy chainlink browband, shaped noseband and decorative rosettes.

The breastcollar is made of folded leather with split wither strap with swivel reins terrets.  Nylon webbing is stitched between leather traces and come with a ring on the end.  The pad can be supplied with a sliding backband (for use with a two wheeler) or with a fixed backband and quick release tugs (for use with a four wheeler).   This harness includes a decorative centre terret and a crupper and dock which unbuckles both sides.  The breeching includes a double loin strap, shaft straps and trace carriers as standard.  Complete with leather reins.

The photo shows white pad made from leather underneath the breastplate.

Available in ONE size

Combinations: Single and Pair

Delivery – please allow 7-10 days.

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