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Congratulations to Joanne who competed at HOYS on Wednesday the 2nd October. Joanne qualified for HOYS after becoming reserve champion at the BDS annual show held at Smiths Lawn in Windsor, with her pair Star and Metts driver to her favourite carriage, a Hartland Mills Hooded Spyder Phaeton. On Wednesday we made our way up to the N.E.C at Birmingham to compete in the final show of our driving calendar. After many hours of preparation (mainly cleaning) Joanne took part in the Harness Horse of the Year Class, as the indoor arena was quite small for all the turnouts, the organisers had the competitors put in 2 groups, Pony and then Horse to do their individual shows after which the a final 8 were chosen. Joanne made it in to the final 8. The competitors then were then pulled into their final placing. Star and Metts preformed superbly barely breaking stride with each other and were finally pulled in 3rd behind runner up Jessie Dudley and eventual champion Neil Wray. It was a beautifully turned out class and congratulations to every competitor who took part as it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to compete at the high level expected at HOYS.

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